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We draw the world

The Global Map is the direct descendant of L.A.C., a company that was founded in Florence in 1949 as the first cartographic production company specialized in contract work, in particular for public bodies. Since the beginning of the 60s, alongside the usual production activity ...

The working method of embossed cards

Printing modeling paper on PVC foil - Mold milling - Thermoforming embossed paper: the finished product.


The topographic map is a two-dimensional representation of the territory: it is therefore the fundamental element for planning a route, orientating it and completing it safely.


The geological map is the representation of the different types of rocks that appear on the earth's surface, represented by conventional colors, and their contacts.


The topography of the seabed is obtained by measuring the depths compared to a reference level. The distribution of the depths of the sea is indicated on bathymetric maps where the isobaths are traced.

3D Map

We produce high quality three-dimensional cartography from georeferenced topographic data.
Global Map, founded in 1949 in Florence, has a company catalog that is currently one of the most complete in the Italian cartographic panorama, with products ranging from hiking, mural, urban and tourist cartography, atlases, to embossed maps.
The company has also specialized in making embossed maps for third parties, public and private organizations. Over the years we have created customized and highly specialized products for public authorities and private organizations all over the world, for educational, scientific, promotional and furnishing purposes.


The present to communicate that the Global-Map s.r.l. and S.EL.CA., historical cartographic production companies at national and international level, will collaborate in the technical-productive sector to offer our customers the highest quality for hiking, technical and geological maps. Our cards will become one of your essential tools for excursions, making sure that THE EXCURSION AND THE ART CARTOGRAPHICA BECOMES ANY ONE.

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